Whale Valley Camp Fayoum Oasis

1 Day

Explore ancient whale skeletons in the desert and the lakes and pottery villages of Fayoum.

We offer a unique day Trip to Wadi Al Hitan( whales valley) from Cairo, Discover It’s ‘Wadi Al Hitan’ The site today is a natural preserve and a Natural Heritage Site added in 2005 by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

discover this amazing place by 4*4 vehicle

Fayoum Oasis

After breakfast at your hotel in Cairo,Egypt Rest Tours guide will transfer you by modern private Vehicle to enjoy El Fayoum famous sites and Wadi Al Hitan.

From Cairo to Fayoum is about 95 km or 62 miles (1 Hour Driving).

We Will Take Our Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 From Tunis Village And Drive Visit to Wadi Al Hitan …

start the trip to the Valley of the Whales , On the route, we stop first by  Lake Qarun where the famous Auberge still stands which was once the rest house of king Farook 1936.

Proceed to Wadi El Rayan with stops in EL Mudawara Mountain (the magnificent spot overlooks the beautiful landscape below where deep blue waters meet the golden yellow sands). Continue to the valley of Rayyan protectorate area where there is so much to see (the two lakes, waterfalls, natural life, birds, . . . etc).

The most memorable is the spectacular scenery of Wadi El Rayan the contrast between the blue waters of the lakes and the golden desert land.

Whales Valley

Moving to visit Wadi Al Hitan which is one of the UNESCO sites classified as a world’s heritage site.

Visit the Hitan museum,The museum which hosts a variety of whale fossils and skeletons that are displayed outdoors, as for the museum it has a variety of fossils, skeletons, fossilized mangroves, and ancient seashells exhibited indoors in glass boxes.



Enjoy lunch meal cooked by Bedouin in Wadi el Hitan rest house before driving back to Cairo


Back to Cairo

After the tour, Egypt Key tour guide will drop you back to your hotel in Cairo.

Price: $270

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Whale Valley Camp Fayoum Oasis