Cairo Royalty: Manial Palace, Abdeen Palace and Baron Palace

1 Day

Visit the city’s most iconic palaces from Nile island royal gardens to splendid Indian-inspired gems.

Visit Prince Muhammad Ali Pasha Palace / The Manial Palace – is one of the most beautiful and important historical museums in Egypt.

The museum expresses an important period in the history of modern Egypt along with Abdeen Palace and magnificent Baron palace known as Hindu Palace. Morning, Egypt Rest Tours tour guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel,

then he will transfer you by an air conditioned vehicle to visit the remarkable Manial Palace of Prince Mohamed Ali Pasha “King Farouk’s uncle”.

He had it designed in a style integrating European Art Nouveau and Rococo with many traditional Islamic architecture styles including Ottoman, Moorish, Persian, creating inspired combinations in spatial design, architectural and interior decorations, and sumptuous materials.

The residence compound, composed of five separate and distinctively styled buildings, is surrounded by gardens planted with rare tropical plants collected by the prince on his travels along a small branch of the Nile. To Then you will visit Abdeen Palace is a historic Cairo palace it was built as one of the official residences for the former ruling monarchy and royal family of Egypt.

It is now one of the official residences and the principal workplace of the President of Egypt, located above Qasr el-Nil Street in eastern Downtown Cairo Egypt

You will visit the museum a wonderful collection of gifts that were given by different rulers in the world to the Egyptian royal family as well as some of their belongings like an amazing silverware collection and dinnerware which I fell in love with.

It was an extraordinary experience to walk through the gate of this beautiful palace into the amazing spacious gardens and look at the palace, which is not open to the public right now 

After that you will end your tour by visiting Baron Palace is built in the style of Indian architecture

Founded by the Belgian millionaire Baron Edward Empain the palace is located on Al-Oruba Street in Heliopolis Cairo

The inauguration of the palace began shortly after the opening of the Suez Canal in the nineteenth century when the Belgian millionaire Baron Edward Empain decided to construct a historic palace that was inspired by Indian architecture in Egypt

and he loved to travel from country to country

The palace includes an exhibition of a variety of photos, archival documents illustrations  maps and letters related to the history of the neighborhood of Heliopolis

(Heliopolis and Al-Mataria) across the different eras, in addition to its most important heritage features, and a variety of pictures, maps, documents and films that tell the history of Heliopolis and aspects and lifestyle in that time period Distinctive. 4 After finishing the tour, you will be transferred back to the hotel.

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Cairo Royalty: Manial Palace, Abdeen Palace and Baron Palace